Rana Muhammad Ashfaq

BAQAA Foundation

Visit BAQAA Foundation at http://www.baqaa.eu5.org 

BAQAA Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-Religious and non-political human development organization has registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, working in various disciplines relat ed to development and changing of Human Attitudes.BAQAA Foundation with great enthusiasm to provide opportunities of education, health and social support to every individual of society without any disparity.


We believe that people can contribute a lot to society after changes occur in people’s attitudes. So, our vision is to bring c hanges in society where everyone will develop a habit of helping others so that various groups of society may be benefited from each other.


BAQAA is a human development organization working in Education, Health, Mass Awareness, Consumer Rights and Job related Services. Its goals are to improve the quality of human life by working in the said fields, focusing on Attitudinal Change.
This shall be achieved through strengthening of stakeholders by giving them quality trainings.


We shall be working in the following fields to achieve our goals:


In education we will be emphasizing on training of the school teachers to consid er imparting the moral values to the ir students in addition to the bookish knowledge.
This will also add up to quality of education they are usually providing to their students. In this regard we shall be carrying out the following activities:
- Training workshops specially designed for school teachers 
- Interactive workshops for College/University teachers and students, to
Point out and resolve the shortcomings in teachers’ teaching methodology and students learning methods. 
- Focusing on Technical Education;


T here are various issues r egarding health pr evailing d ue to the ignorance of preventive measures. To overcome this problem we wi ll be conducting the following activities:
- Training on prevention of Malaria;
- Training on prevention of Hepatitis;
- Training of rural women on basic health issues specially during and after pregnancy; 
- Vaccination of women and children;
- Maternal care Sanitation and nutrition awareness; 
- Creating awareness about psychological issues and cures; 
- Conducting courses for clinical Hypnosis; 
- First Aid.

Job Portal Activitie

It is Main problem for educated persons of rural areas, they do not have knowledge of current jobs like where job vacancies opening and how to apply for that and 
what is merit and what is procedure for appearing in job exam. BAQAA organizing training for awareness of jobs and conduct training for educated persons. 
This activity will also help all the educated persons of rural area to improve the job awareness.